About US

USASOOQ is a new classifieds website and social network through which minority communities from the Middle East who are residents of the USA, Canada can easily communicate with one another, enabling them to buy, sell or transact on a local and global level.

We are a group of individuals who are inspired by the need to provide a dedicated service to our special communities in these countries. The platform targets Middle Easterners who may wish to connect and communicate for trade, using their mother tongue with fellow native speakers living in their locality in these countries.

You might hail from the Middle East , live in Seattle, and do not speak English but wish to travel to New York to rent an apartment, buy a car, or make new friends. This language barrier can make it very difficult to achieve this. But with USASOOQ, you can find someone who speaks Arabic or Turkish just as you do, connect with them, and get the product or service which you want easily – something that other platforms do not provide.

Membership on USASOOQ is free, so if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, then you should join the moving train and connect with endless possibilities. USASOOQ merely provides information that allows you to consummate a sale with the seller and is not a party to your sale nor is it responsible for the delivery of items. We operate a reliable and secure platform and have obtained licenses to operate our website from the respective governments of USA, Canada. We also have offices domiciled in these countries. Our website is more secured and better monitored than other classified ads platforms as we also provide our services in 2 languages namely Arabic, English .

We are proud of our history and identity and that is why you can trust our search engines to connect you to millions of individuals or business in USA, Canada. We are more efficient than other websites by painstakingly scrutinizing the contents of user’s posts to ensure that they conform to our policies. We vehemently abhor and do not condone the promotion of fake ads, phishing or spoofing contents, illegal substances, human trafficking and related infringements as well as the nefarious activities of scammers. Our team of digital professionals incorporates our vast expertise with digital tools to provide the most cutting-edge solutions to meet the client’s objectives.

Our site features an integrated social network and community with one-on-one chat forums to perfect opportunity matchmaking, as daily opportunities and offerings are being matched to keywords and locations and include contracts, classified ads, business owners and businesses. USASOOQ caters for all your needs, just name it: cars, car parts, fashion and accessories, real estate, pets, electronics, industrial and electrical equipment, pet and even jobs.

Yes, jobs. Our website is offering a unique job posting feature. This feature is free on our website unlike other classified ads companies that charge various fees for listing employment positions. By doing this we are actively alleviating unemployment and that is why we are different from other classifieds ads websites.

There are thousands of companies with active Hiring Managers who are out there searching for budding, talented job seekers who can’t wait to snap you up. We have got you covered for all your needs. Should you have questions, feedback or want to find out more about advertising on USASOOQ, visit our Contact Us page to speak with a customer support agents or managers who are available round the clock to attend to any issue that you’re experiencing.

All our staff including customer operatives are bilinguals and are available 24 hours a day.