How to Buy

How to Buy

The internet is a platform where you can easily buy just about anything from the comfort of your home. USASooq is the best place to securely buy new and used products and be in touch with people you would have never been able to reach before. 

The ease in the purchasing of goods and services also means it easier than ever before to be swindled and be lead to a trap. Inasmuch as  we try our utmost best to ensure  a safe and secure marketplace, USASooq cannot control the actions or motives of members who interact through our website. We will not be liable, in the greatest extent possible for any losses or damages whatsoever that may emanate as a result from loss of use, data, profits, negligence, breach-of-contract or business. USASooq merely provides information that allows you to consummate a sale with the seller and is not a party to your sale nor is it resposnibe for the delivery of items.

To avoid being taken advantage of, here are some important tips on successful buying on USASooq:

If the goods or, services you want to buy are listed as a classified ad, then it is important to adhere to these guidelines so that you can make a safe, well-informed purchase.

Read the Item carefully

The information you need to know needs to be clearly included in the listing. If what you are expecting to see is not clear enough, contact the seller using the contact information displayed in the listing. 


Ensure that the item is valuable

You can use the search tab to see if the product you want to be is listed by another seller on USASooq. If not, check other websites and listings to determine the authenticity of what you buy. You can also have your knowledgeable friends to help you to determine the value of the item.

Ensure that the item is not prohibited

If you have reservations as to whether the item you wish to purchase is allowed to be sold on the website then read USASooq’s policies on banned and infringing items.

Check the seller’s reputation

Endeavor to look at the seller’s history on our platform as well as badges and comments. Older clients with good feedback or recommendations and comments tend to be the most reputable. Also, check that the seller is not operating under different names or operates multiple accounts as this technique is used by scammers to mislead people.

Ensure that you are protected

Learn about the seller’s return policy and do not complete your transaction until you are fully satisfied with the item, service or property. Ask for warranties too. If you’re about making a deal with a company, know that unclear warranty programs or unguaranteed products are deal breakers.

Make sure you know how to complete a purchase

When buying an item, service, or property, endeavor to contact the seller using the contact information displayed on the listing so as to discuss price, payment method, insurance, delivery, and returns. It is advised that all community members use their discretion when completing the sale in person with a seller. If issues occur, contact us immediately. Our support team will investigate and take action if the member has infringed on any of our policies.

We do not recommend instant money transfer services such as PayPal or western union as such payments are difficult to trace and resolve should things go wrong. Try as much as possible to pay the seller by cash and use instant money transfer as the last resort. 

Keep your contact information up-to-date

Check to see if your personal information such as your email, phone number, or websites are up-to-date and correct. Also, ensure that any spam-blocking software you might have installed is not barring a seller from communicating with you.

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